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Learning to Feed Yourself With Christ, (With Help From a New Friend)

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The last piece I posted was lightly edited one I wrote two years ago. Rereading it sent me on a bit of a meditative journey of gratitude to God, as I looked back on all He’s done in me through blogging, even as I get ready to take a month long sabbatical from it, and all things social media, to pursue some study in a very different direction.

A few years ago, God woke my soul from a season of slumber by transforming the way I approached Bible study. For most of my life, I had viewed the Bible primarily as a book to be studied and comprehended. But when I came to see God’s Word as literal food for my soul, my spiritual life was revitalized. That is, after all, what food does.

Food gives us life.

I started this blog as a way to think more deeply about how the way God created our need for physical food speaks to the greater reality of our need for spiritual food in the person of Jesus Christ. So deep did my study take me that I started take classes in microbiology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology, in pursuit of a master’s degree in nutritional science. I wanted to understand the metaphor of food at the literal molecular level.

The deeper I went, the greater the insights God opened up, and I hoped to put all that I was learning into a book. Life and finances eventually intervened, so that I had to put my formal studies on hold and go back to work. Then, new friendships and conversations drew my thinking in lots of other directions, so that I didn’t invest as much time here as I’d planned. But I’ve never, ever lost my conviction that the way we were created to feed ourselves, and feed one another, declares some of the most vital and literally life-giving truths of the gospel, to ourselves, and to those who don’t yet know the Lord. Those convictions shape the way I read my Bible, or go to church, even today – on days when I want to, and especially on days when I don’t.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you to my new friend, Rondi.

Rondi Lauterbach and I met online last year as P&R was preparing to launch her first book. We all know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, let alone the lady who wrote it. But when a book looks like this, can you blame me for being almost sure I would love it, and her?


“Almost sure” turned into “absolutely” once I started reading, and you can read my full review here.   Spoiler alert – it’s one of the best resources I’ve yet read for helping new believers, or even not-yet believers, study the Bible in such a way that they will see and experience Jesus each time they read.

What I particularly appreciate about Rondi’s book is that it’s not the result of a couple of years’ striving on social media, building an Internet platform and a personal brand. It’s the culmination of literal decades of teaching women in the churches her husband has served as pastor. Her ministry is about helping people feed on Jesus, by seeing Jesus in His Word, way more than it’s about Twitter followers and blog traffic. Want proof? On the main page of her blog, if you click on Hear, you won’t find links to podcasts she’s created or radio programs she’s been interviewed on; you’ll read about hearing the good news of the gospel. If you click on See, you won’t get a list of her upcoming appearances at the biggest womens’ conferences; you’ll read about seeing Jesus.

Rondi isn’t overly gifted at exploiting the Internet so that people discover her; she’s tremendously gifted at teaching the Bible so that you’ll discover Jesus.

As I’m getting ready to take my Internet sabbatical to focus on some topics beyond food that have been gripping my heart and mind of late, I invite you to follow Rondi’s blog as she begins a weekly series of blogposts walking readers through her book. I hope you’ll be blessed as she teaches you, from  God’s Word, how all of our deepest hungers find their ultimate satisfaction in Jesus.

You’ll be very well fed.

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