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Friday Night Foodie Links (5/2)

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During the week I try to keep the main thing the main thing and focus on Jesus and spiritual food. But on the weekends, I indulge my inner foodie and offer you fun, disturbing, and/or thought-provoking things about physical food. Bon Appetit!

From the NOT. FOOD. department:

  • I’m not a watermelon fan, thanks to a sad summer incident involving some childish overindulgence and subsequent public vomiting at a church picnic. So the sight of these cookies makes me nauseous on multiple levels.

Restaurants and Chefs

  • 900 people who supposedly know these things have named this year’s list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.  No, I haven’t eaten at any of them. But, yes, I do aspire to – Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York being my two choices, should any of you have an in with either of them. And several hundred dollars to spare.
  • Danny Meyer is a genius (culinary, restaurant, business). Need proof? He uses all of his principles about food and hospitality to guide his stock market investment strategy.  The results this year? Outperformed the S&P by close to 3:1, proving that excellence in hospitality is very serious, and profitable, business.

Foodie Mockery (because they know not what they mock)

  • Jim Gaffigan being supportive of women trying to help their families eat better. Thanks, Jimmy. First the President says he doesn’t eat broccoli, now you with the kale.

Dishes I’ve Made and Liked Lately

  • I only do meatloaf if the recipe is awesome, and this one is. Great for freezing and sharing. (Bonus points for the unexpected ingredient, and hey – regularity!)

Food Places I’ve Been and Enjoyed Lately

We got the opportunity to get away for two days in Napa last week. Trying to get last minute reservations anywhere in this town on a Friday will usually get you laughed to scorn, but Tra Vigne welcomed us warmly. Think of it as what the Macaroni Grill wishes it could be – great accessible food, good wine, friendly service, and a bill that didn’t make us wonder how many liters of plasma we’d have to sell.

Food Tips, Tricks and Tools

  • I love cherry tomatoes. I hate cutting them. I hate eating them whole and having the scary “when will it explode inside my mouth and fling little choky seeds down my trachea?” moment. Thanks to this brilliant man, I can eat cherry tomatoes without fear.

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